L’infiorata di Noto

L’infiorata di Noto

from the 12th to the 15th of May In the heart of the Sicilian Baroque, the Infiorata is a historic event of the city of Noto , now in its 38th edition. This year’s theme: Traditions, myths and legends.

This event is part of the famous “Baroque Spring” : a series of events including the “Parade Baroque”, made up of auctioneers in period costume , set , flag bearers , and musicians , parading through the streets of the Old Town .

Via Corrado Nicolaci is the way that frames Infiorata: the impact is strong. Top Montevergini Church as opposed to the palace Villa Dorata of the Prince Nicolaci , whose balconies have been defined by many the most beautiful of world.

Courtyards, cloisters and city streets are embellished with floral panels, made with creativity and skills by artists offering, each year, a number of themes: religious, mythological, and popular culture.

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